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Change: with the cheese Enjoy change: try to take a risk, to enjoy the new cheese delicious!Who Moved My Cheese?
By Spencer Johnson




The emotions of contemporary young people cannot be solved by a cup of milk tea. If one cup is not enough, then two cups. Love can be talked about slowly, milk tea must be drunk immediately.




Who says travel has to go far? As long as there is a place to go, it is an annual trip.
The milk tea shop uses milk color as the main color, and the space is cut by the volume of circle and cylinder, which interprets the application of cheese shape in the milk tea space. Find close friends.


“Boundary” and “Association”


Scarpa once said: “You need to create certain relationships to make things come alive.” Between the virtual and the real, the material and the self merge, interact synaesthesia, and return to the truth. An orange physical BOX divides a space into two areas, one is “noisy” and the other is “quiet”.

A group of people can indulge in carnivals, and a person can be comfortable and unrestrained. Here, you can have a cup of milk tea, talk, be in a daze, and bathe in the sun.

The wire simulates the feeling of drooping branches and vines, implying the tree of life in the animal kingdom, so that the high reception hall can feel the sense of visual shock as soon as you enter.The wire simulates .

The white cloud is the milk cap in the sky, and I am the pearl below – let’s be sweet together.