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This new Apple smartwatch may be a somewhat smaller version of the more ambitious models. It poses a smartwatch günstig and accessible option for those that don’t need all the functionality of the costlier versions. the thought is that the same that Apple already raised with the iPhone SE. This model is positioned as a transparent alternative to an Apple Watch Series 3 which will still be the most cost effective in Apple’s smart watches catalog.

Fearlessly for Swimming

The new Apple Watch SE makes some sacrifices over its older version but still retains many interesting options. For starters, it’s still submersible and may be used fearlessly for swimming.

Upgraded Processor

The built-in processor is that the Apple S5 – an equivalent because the 2019 apple uhren Series 5 – which, consistent with Apple, it’s twice as fast because the built-in processor within the Apple Watch Series 3. It also features a slightly larger screen and retains important latest-batch features like GPS, fall detection, sleep monitoring, or the altimeter and compass, which we will access in real-time in the least times.

Technical Improvements

The Apple Watch SE may be a model that raises technical improvements over the Watch Series 3 that don’t involve an outsized increase and supports watchOS 7 and guarantees support for future updates, something that probably won’t happen with Series 3 for therefore long.

Among the software, options stand out the support of the ‘Family Setup’ feature that has debuted with the Apple Watch Series 6, additionally to those new watch faces or the choice to share them with other users easily.


The sacrifices concerning the striking Watch Series 6 are evident: not only in power has (the latter integrated the promising Apple S6) but in features like the electrocardiogram function or the new monitor for blood oxygen saturation.


This watch maintains the digital crown with haptic feedback, features a speaker and microphone and also Bluetooth 5.0. Among the novelties that it inherits from its brother, is that the always active altimeter, which provides elevation information in real time. additionally , it’s a compass that the Watch 3 doesn’t have.

Although this watch doesn’t have the new blood oxygen meter of the Apple Watch Series 6, nor can it do electrocardiograms, it maintains the guts rate sensor, and may offer you information just in case your rhythm is extremely high or very low.

It also integrates local and foreign emergency calls and fall detection.

Parents Mode

The Apple Watch SE benefited from the new function called Family Setup, which allows children to possess a smartwatch within the LTE version, which is controlled from the parents’ iPhone, and which provides them the chance to limit the utilization of the device.