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As you may know, the visa situation is becoming increasingly serious. Chinese government started tightening up the visa policy even before the COVID-19 overtook the world. Accompany with the thrive of China’s economy, the government want to attract more foreign talents to work in China by approving only qualified applicants. Therefore, the inspection of visa materials is getting a lot more strict. How do foreigners work and live in China legally has become a pressing matter for those who’re currently in China.

Today we focus on some of the important issues regarding Work Visa.


Applying for work residence permit is a long and complex process. Any information you present to Foreign Experts Bureau or PSB will be recorded into the system of Chinese government. We strongly suggest you make sure all the material you prepare is consistent and uncontested. So here are some important tips for you:

It is of vital importance to match your actual job experiences with what’s listed on your Application Form For Foreigner’s Work Permit, as well as your actual visa history in China. Inconsistencies will disqualify some of the most qualified job candidates.

Make sure that you always work at the location where your work visa application states. You CANNOT work in any other location. Some educational training companies have multiple locations, and foreign workers are often asked to work in multiple locations. This is not permitted as your job is tied to the actual location that the government has granted you the work permit. So be clear with your employer, and obtain written proof from your HR department that the location that you are working is in fact, is a legally approved job site for you.

If there’s an employer who’s willing to sponsor a work visa and has their own visa agency hk, it’s necessary to get copies of everything that’s been submitted to the government. This is for the future protection when you no longer work for the same employer and your next employer wish to apply work visa on your behalf. Keep a paper trail of documents that are being submitted. This will help you to maintain consistency on record, avoiding contradictory, or in certain cases, discriminatory.

As a foreigner, it is difficult to understand all paperwork that you have been asked to sign, especially when the documents are in Chinese. However, if you don’t know the exact content, chances are, you shouldn’t be signing it blindly. Take a Chinese friend or ask for professional advice on the content before putting your name on papers. Like what we have stated before, keep records of everything because it is Your employment history that will follow you around no matter where you work in China.

Any questionable information will lead your pursue of a work visa into a potential difficult situation. So we always encourage foreigners to be proactive, trying to flash out any potential issues before submitting your work visa application. Work with a reputable professional firm to help you navigate the process. Be on top of you case, to be successful.