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Smart curtains were first used in hotel projects, especially some high-end hotels, but because of their convenience, they are gradually moving to the home. What about smart curtains in offices? What changes can it bring to the office?

Today’s offices are generally surrounded by glass, so sun blinds are inseparable, and most companies use hand-drawn ones, but it is not so convenient to consider from certain angles.

It’s like going to a library in Shanghai. Smart venetian blinds are used. Because of their high location, they do not open and close back and forth. When the sun is very high, they are closed by the supervisors and opened again in the evening. This is very comfortable for us who read books.

Because it is fascinating to see, it is inevitable to feel that this kind of curtain pulling is cumbersome. In addition, there are more people. If you close it yourself, it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction from other people. Such a unified opening will indeed save a lot of unnecessary matter.

The office and the library are similar. Although many offices may not be as big as the library, because the library itself is a place where everyone voluntarily goes, the environment is already considered for everyone, and the office is to retain employees, so it is more Some products that make employees feel comfortable should be used on it.

The frequency of smart curtains appearing in recent TV dramas is also getting higher and higher. Of course, they are mostly used at home. The curtains can be opened only by remote control. From the perspective of our traditional usage, this function will not be available for long-term use. People like it so much. On the contrary, finding a remote control every day will become an annoyance for many people. In addition to remote control, smart curtains can also be directly controlled by mobile phones. The one-button operation control method in the office will increase a lot of differences.

There are many types of smart curtains. The ones used in homesickness are actually just tracks. The curtain cloth can be selected according to your own preferences. As long as it is matched properly, it is very comfortable.

In the office, the shutter is mostly used. This shutter can be rolled up or down by itself, and it can also give you a different feeling. For a certain office project done in the front-end time, the shutter chooses a landscape painting, which already looks unique. The charm can be said to be quite comfortable and seductive.

If you like smart home, in addition to smart curtains, you can also go to offline smart home stores to experience and learn about many other products, which will give you a different feeling.