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Coconut oil is not only beneficial for your healthy hair care and skin care, but it has several other health benefits. Conventionally, the oils rich in saturated fats are considered unhealthy. However, the coconut oil has a nutrient profile that is helpful for health. It contains shorter-chain fatty acids that are not harmful, but easier to digest and help absorbing of vitamins soluble in fats. The coconut oil is a healthy food for heart health and will also keep your body working smoothly in many different ways. When consumed in moderate quantities, coconut oil can give you many amazing health benefits.

Versatile Immunity Booster

Coconut oil is also full of antioxidants and boosts your body’s immunity. Studies have shown that consumption of coconut oil increases the body’s resistance to viruses and bade-ria. It has miraculous powers to fight against viruses, kidney stone problems, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease even more. It also helps fight fungus, yeast, and Candida.

Thyroid and Sugar Control

The coconut oil can affect hormones for thyroid as well as blood-sugar control. it also helps boost thyroid function, increase metabolism, and improve the insulin use within your body. It also provides more energy and endurance, improves digestion and helps absorbing fat soluble vitamins.

Retarding Ageing

One of the wonderful benefits of coconut oil is it can help retard the effects of ageing as well. It can prevent damage to your healthy fats and body tissues. The antioxidants present in coconut oil improve cardiovascular problems and retards ageing of the skin.

Heart Health

Coconut oil is virtually free of any heart disease. Unlike other saturated fats, it contains a helpful saturated fat known as lauric acid. The lauric acid helps increase the amount of good HDL cholesterol and thus helps improve cholesterol levels in the blood. It improves heart health. You can use moderate quantities of coconut oil for cooking. Coconut oil also controls the bad cholesterol levels by restoring normal thyroid function.

Weight Loss

The coconut oil contains some special fats called MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides). When these fats break down in the liver they increase the metabolic rate with the efficient burning of energy. This oil also has a positive effect on hormones for thyroid as well as on blood sugar levels. It works effectively to reduce the abdominal fat that is one of the most difficult areas to reduce fat and lose weight.

Stress Relief

The coconut oil scent is very pleasing and soothing. The coconut oil also works as a perfect oil for massage on your scalp, temples and neck and helps relieve stress. It also helps fight external elements due to vitamin deficiency.
The virgin coconut oil is the purest form free from any chemicals. You must use this quality of oil to get maximum health benefits.

Internal Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Aids in weight loss by controlling cravings.
2. Boosts milk production in breastfeeding mothers.
3. Helps relieve digestion problems such as irritable bowel syndrome due to having antibacterial properties.
4. Helps keep blood sugar levels stable and is therefore good for diabetics.
5. Improves menstruation by regulating heavy blood flow and lessens the effect of cramps and pain.
6. Gives energy boost.
7. Improves good cholesterol in people with high cholesterol levels.
8. For fitness – It stimulates metabolism and Improves thyroid function.
9. Colds and flu – When put in hot tea can aid in speedy recovery from colds and flu.
10. sleep – When taken daily can help Improve sleep.
11. Boosts circulation – For those who feel cold, it can help boost circulation when taken.